My name is David Rafuse. I have lived my entire life in the magnificent state of Maine with the exception of my military service with the U.S. Air Force and about a year working in southern New England.

Born and raised in the small central Maine community of Waterville, I developed a love for the outdoors and its abundance of natural unique beauty, preferring to 'hunt' with a camera instead of a gun or fishing rod and reel like my three brothers.

My passion for photography began in the Air Force when I was assigned to write for the military newspaper -- I was given a photographer to accompany me on my journalistic assignments, but when I did not get the photographic shots I really wanted, I picked up the camera myself when I left the military.

Being just a hobby at first, the early days of my photography progressed slowly because every image was captured on 35mm film so my ability to perfect my craft became very costly when I had to buy and develop several rolls of film only to find the images did not come out as I planned.

Everything changed for my craft with the invention of digital photography as I could now take hundreds of shots for little to no cost to truly showcase my unique talent.

Nevertheless, an interesting subject, unique angles, proper lighting, accurate timing and my eyes' rare perspective are what make my photography unique -- to me, a tree is not just a tree, nor a rock just a rock.

I now live in the tiny town of Somerville Maine with my wife, Alice, with whom I have enjoyed a solid loving marriage of 36 years. Alice grows many of the beautiful flowers and plants featured in my images.